Solidarietà e Cooperazione CIPSI (English)


CIPSI is a national network – founded in Italy in 1982 – of 47 no governmental organizations and associations operating in the field of international cooperation and solidarity. Cipsi promotes social responsibility actions through the development of national awareness campaigns on intercultural dialogue, the promotion of solidarity-based activities to share a mutual cooperation among groups throughout the world as well as the establishment of trainings for international cooperation workers and volunteers.

The national and international campaigns implemented by Cipsi are meant to promote and develop a network worldwide which is focused on issues related to African continent: the campaign “Chiama l’Africa: for a pact of solidarity with African people“, to give information and raise awareness about Africa; “Africa: Debt, Globalisation, Reconciliation Paths“, a campaign to mobilize citizens all over the world to make proposals on the debt matter as well as to support initiatives at decentralized cooperation level; the campaign “Fight against poverty and defence against human rights violation: to strengthen the partnership between citizens from the North and the South of the world” which aimed to engage the civil society in fighting against poverty, an important commitment of the Italian politics and cooperation; finally, the creation of the magazine “Solidarietà internazionale“, to analyse the new identity of the international cooperation.

The main objective of Cipsi is to work together in order to spread solidarity throughout the world. A challenge for improving the living conditions of the disadvantaged groups living in the South of the world.


Solidarietà e Cooperazione CIPSI è un coordinamento nazionale, nato nel 1985, che associa organizzazioni non governative di sviluppo (ONGs) ed associazioni che operano nel settore della solidarietà e della cooperazione internazionale. Solidarietà e Cooperazione CIPSI è nato con la finalità di coordinare e promuovere, in totale indipendenza da qualsiasi schieramento politico e confessionale, Campagne nazionali di sensibilizzazione, iniziative di solidarietà e progetti basati su un approccio di partenariato. opera come strumento di coordinamento politico culturale e progettuale, con l’obiettivo di promuovere una nuova cultura della solidarietà.